Ground Mending


mend – … to set right … correct … to restore to health … cure … heal …

I learned the garden needed more consistent attention than i was able to provide. I learned the yard in which i broke the ground was a whole that immediately started a process of healing. For the yard, the garden was a wound.

I noticed how the yard worked to heal its wound was similar to how my hand healed a blister i acquired digging. The area around the wound/blister/garden closes in and small areas within spontaneously grow outward.


Another thing i learned was what i thought of as generic blades of grass were just the tip of an extensive underground system of interconnected roots, a woven organic fabric, a natural network that provoked green to rise to healing light.





‘Let us begin by considering the growth of a living plant. This growth starts from a seed, but the seed contributes little or nothing to the actual material substance of the plant or to the energy needed to make it grow. This latter comes almost entirely from the soil, the water, the air and the sunlight. According to modern theories the seed contains information, in the form of DNA, and this information somehow “directs” the environment to form a corresponding plant.’

from the essential DAVID BOHM edited by lee nichol 2004 Routledge