2014 : a retrospective


I tried to do better in 2014 by making the garden bigger and giving the seeds and each row more space and keeping the rows straight. The two rows on the outside, east and west, didn’t germinate. The lessons i learned in 2014 were embodied in failures. Thank god.


I believe good documentation is vital, but that, too was one of my failures. I don’t remember what i tried to plant in those two rows nor may speculate on why they didn’t grow. I do know my son suggested planting the next seeds in 2 ft wide 1 ft high mounds. So that’s how i did a row of squash and one of cucumbers. They grew like gangbusters.


I was more conscientious in 2014 of weeding the garden. I felt good enough from 2013’s experiment i was determined that this attempt was gonna be better. And it was. Besides squash and cucumber i harvested okra and watermelon. I should have been more ruthless in my winnowing of the watermelon seedlings, they were somewhat stunted for lack of space.


At the end of June part of my body failed and immobilized my project along with pretty much everything else i do to make it in this world. The whole experience has allowed me a refreshed perspective on this world from where i sit.  The garden returned to nature but i continued to reap it’s benefits for those two months i was down and out.


And other difficult events occurred in 2014 got me rethinking everything. Steady goin back to the source. With each pulse of the universe.



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