mushroom cloud




“Never give up!”



so it took me another month to break some more ground and sow seed, excuses related to      time and energy. done in haste with little planning. almost in fits of desperation, like i just gotta do something, anything, to break the pattern of societal influences “Distract yourself with the trivial and let govcorp take care of the rest!”

the meditative aspect deepened with the work, the feel of the shovel and the ground and my muscles and breathing and the smell of the dirt. thinkin bout what i have to learn and pass on to my grandchildren. so much more than this.

used to play starfox n64 with the kids. tried to point out the depth and significance of peppy telling starfox, bout half way thru the game – “Never give up!”




early april 2013. after listening to all my talk about the decline and john robb’s resilient communities, my wife grabbed a selection of seed packets at the dollar store and put them in my hand. i went into the backyard, with little knowledge or skill and started digging. it was hard work and a profound meditative experience. Thank you Loyce.